Hidden Fruit Cake

Make a cookie dough rolled except that it will not be rolled ...

4 eggs

80g sugar

80g flour
vanilla preheat 190 ° oven

put whole eggs and sugar in the bowl of kitchenaid

batre 5 min at 4 speed, really do it in order to get a creamy mousse

after 5 min and the mixture is creamy

add the 80g of flour delicately,

pour it on the sides d u bowl and mix with a bunt from the center outward

stir the spoon of cold water


pour deliciously the preparation into a mold missed bending

Bake 20 min

Cool on a grill

Add frozen raspberries, sprinkle with sugar

Make a whipped cream with 20 cl of cream and 250g of mascarpone, 1 vanilla bean and a little icing sugar,

Cover the fruit with caches, grated milk chocolate and white. Chill until you taste