Bagnat bread (chicken sandwich)

bread bagnat (5pqins)
-500g of flour
-20g of fresh baker's yeast
-1cc of salt
-1cc of sugar
-300ml of warm water about
-1c of olive oil

-Dilute the yeast in warm water with sugar
-In the bowl of the kneader put the flour diluted yeast, salt and olive oil-knead to obtain a soft dough
- Let it rest for 1 hour covered with a dish towel
-dégazez the dough and form round rolls and let it rise again 1h
-Heat the oven to 220 ° c
-Put a dish filled with water in the oven and bake your bread for 15 min and let it cool
-Cut your bread in the thickness, remove a little crumb to what will be the pan bagnat cover
For the sandwich:
I put some mayonnaise in the pastry part of the bread,
Cut 2 chicken pieces into some, sprinkle with salt and e curry, a drizzle of olive oil and marinate 30min
Grilling meat grill
Place on a plate
Cutting tomatoes in Trinché and put 3 on each bread
Cut in slice 1 hard boiled eggs,
Add grilled meat
Add a slice of gruyere
Green salad leaves
Put some mayonnaise in the bread cap | Close and enjoy .. ..

Bread bagnat (chicken sandwich)
 Bread bagnat (chicken sandwich)