Dragon Village the Beginning Cheats Codes

Do you want to train your dragon? If your answer is yes, then you will be happy to know that Dragon Village can give you what you are looking for. The world has not seen those beasts and dragons but it does not mean that they never existed. Dragon Village is a game for those who want wished they could be friends with dragons. Yes, we know that it is not possible in real life. But we are talking about Dragon Village game here. In this game, you will find the eggs of dragons and train them to perfection.

The game is very exciting and catches the attention of the users quickly. In order to keep the interest of the users alive more than 150 distinct dragons and new dragons are updated every month. There are five levels of evolution per dragon. You will go through different stages in the game in order to reveal the hidden eggs of dragons. There are elements like earth, water, wind or light which users will possess and use them to face all the challenges with your dragons. Dragon Village has become the favorite game of millions of people worldwide. People love the idea of taming the dragons which they only saw happening in movies like How to Train Your Dragon.

Dragon Village Cheat Codes

People often search for the cheat codes of their favorite game. Have you ever wondered why most of the people search for cheat codes? Well, the answer to this question is not difficult. Players do so in order to stay ahead of their friends and rivals so that they may show off their high scores on social networking sites like Facebook. Cheat codes can help you go far without worrying about anything. There are different sites on the Web which offer cheat codes.

Below we will tell you about some popular sites where people go to get Dragon Village the Beginning cheat codes. Take a look at the following sites which are known for the cheat codes.

Dragon Village : the beginning hack tool


There is a lot you can get by using the cheat codes in the game. For instance, you can get 20 diamonds, 50 diamonds an four hundred diamonds by using the cheat codes R8IALV3CV7, BJOMIPA9YF, BUYXLI5ICS respectively. Moreover, there are also cheat codes for getting 800 diamonds and 1200 diamonds which are JNMMEGONVF and GXOQ0OTWMM respectively.

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