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How to Speak with a Live Person in eBay Customer Service?

Speaking with a live person in eBay customer service is only possible if you dial the following customer service number.


eBay Customer Service Options

Following are the eBay customer service options.

  • eBay Phone Customer Service
  • eBay Social Networks Support
  • eBay Help Center
  • eBay Customer Community
  • eBay Help Seller Center
  • eBay Support e-Mail
  • eBay Help Buying Center
  • eBay Help Shipping and Tracking Center.

eBay Phone Support

You can dial the eBay customer service number 1-866-540-3229 from your phone 24/7.

Social Networks Support

  • eBay customer service agents are available on eBay Facebook page at


  • You can also send messages to live representatives on Twitter at

  • Go to eBay Google+ Page to send messages to live representatives at


Customer Community

Have you visited or heard about eBay customer community? If you haven’t, then you should at


Seller Center

Visit the eBay Seller page if you have questions about eBay seller


Contact by e-Mail

You can submit a request to eBay through email at https://www.ebay.com/help/home

Buying Center

Go to eBay buying center page if you have questions about eBay buying.


Shipping & Tracking Center

Access the following page if you have questions about eBay shipping and tracking center.

eBay Customer Service: Reach a Human in Minutes

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