FB Login without Password

In this educational guide, you will learn how to login FB without password easily and quickly with step by step tutorial.

Facebook, shortly called FB, has become a powerful medium which people use to remain in touch with their friends and loved ones. You can like, share and comment on what others share on Facebook. If you are a Facebook user, then you can see what other people especially your friends and colleagues are sharing You can always know what they are up to. But you can only do all that if you are Friends with them on Facebook. Just having a Facebook account is not enough and you will have to be friends with a person to see what he likes, shares and comments on. Read also Facebook customer service support guide.

You can be friends with as many people as you want to because Facebook does not put a limit on the number of people you can be friends with. There are people who have a few friends and there are also people who thousands or even millions of friends or fans. Facebook also allows you to create fan page where you can update your status and share photos and videos which your fans can see, like and comment on. We know that there are many good things to talk about Facebook. When you register on Facebook you also create your login information which you later use to log into your account.

How to Log into FB without Password

Facebook strongly recommends to keep your login information confidential and never share it with others. Your FB account is your personal account and it contains your personal information. Allowing other have your login account means you are putting the security of your account at risk. FB keeps reminding people about the privacy settings and what they can control. If you think if your FB account is also accessible to someone else, then you need to take action before it is too late.

If you have your lost or forgotten your FB login information, you don’t have to worry about it because still there is a way to login to your account. Facebook only lets you access your account when you use your password. You need to follow these instructions given below.

  • Access Facebook Sign In page on your browser


  • Click the Forgotten Account? Link given on the page. You will find yourself on a new page where you will enter your Facebook account in specified space and click the Search.
  • Click on the Send code via Email and click on the Send.
  • Open a new tab in your browser and login to your email account associated with your Facebook account.
  • You need to look for Facebook message.
  • Now log into your Facebook account using the verification code you received in your email account associated with your FB account in the previous step. And click Continue button.
  • Enter your new Facebook account password you want to use in future and click the Continue button.
  • Now you can sign in to your Facebook account using your new password.
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