Find Warid Number

How to Know My Warid SIM Mobile Number

If you forget your own Warid number then you can easily find your SIM or mobile number using SMS or dialing code. Warid Find My Number service allows customers to know their own mobile number instantly simply through an SMS!. In this guide, we will show you SMS method along with code.

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Warid is one of the four mobile operators operating in Pakistan. The company started operating back in 2005 when it received the license to operate in Pakistan. The slogan of the company is ‘Network of Life.’ Warid Pakistan is headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan. It opened the doors of employment for skilled youth when it invested $2.5 billion in Pakistan. Warid offers products and services like mobile services, data services, mobile banking, and blackberry solution.

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Abu Dhabi group owned Warid but in 2017 Warid and Mobilink merged into one company called Jazz making it Pakistan’s biggest telecom company. After the merger, the total numbers of subscribers of Jazz are more than fifty-two million.

How to check Warid number if u forget

You are a Warid subscriber and you don’t know your Warid number. No problem, we will tell you how to find your Warid phone number within a few seconds. Some people don’t know their phone number because they haven’t used the SIM for a long time. And when they insert the SIM into their phone, they don’t remember their phone number. You just have to send a text message to a particular number in order to receive your Warid number through SMS.

Below is how to do it.

  • SMS ‘MYNO’ or ‘MYNUMBER’ to 6061

Unlike other telecom companies, Warid charges for the service. There are charges of Rs. 2+tax per SMS for using the service. You must agree that it is the easiest way to know your Warid number. You must know your Warid number before using it. If someone asks what is your phone number then you should be able to answer the question.

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