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How to Delete YouTube Account?

YouTube is undoubtedly the world’s number one video sharing site. Can you name any other site which is even close to YouTube in terms of video content and user experience? Having more than one Gmail account may also mean that you have more than one YouTube accounts.

Google-owned YouTube is also the best source of entertainment for those who use the Internet. Now YouTube app is also available which you can download and install on your smartphone and then watch your favorite videos on the go. Your smartphone must be connected to 3G or Wi-Fi in order for the YouTube app to work.

Before we go ahead and tell you how to delete your YouTube account, you must be hundred percent sure that you want to delete your YouTube account. It is because once you have deleted your account, all your videos and stuff will be gone too. So, are you willing to face the consequences? If you own a YouTube account, then you may know that what it means to use YouTube without an account. If you don’t have a YouTube account, then you cannon like or dislike videos. Moreover, you need a YouTube account to enter your comments in the comments section of a video.

Deleting Your YouTube Account

As stated above that YouTube is also accessible through YouTube app. But you cannot delete your YouTube account through the app. You will need to access YouTube website in order to delete your YouTube account. When you delete your YouTube account it deletes videos, comments, messages and playlists. All your content is gone, but your account remains accessible.

This is how to do it.

  • First of all, you need to access the home page of YouTube account. Click the Sign In button on the top right side of the page to login to your account. You will login by entering your email and password in the respective text fields.
  • Now you are logged into your YouTube account. Click your avatar in the top right side of the YouTube page and then select Settings from the menu that appears.
  • On the new page, you will see a menu on the left side of the page from which you will select Manage Account.
  • Look for the Close Account option on the right side of the page.
  • You will be asked to enter your reason why you want to close your account. Enter your reason and then click the Close Account button.

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