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How to Login to PTCL Router

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited or simply PTCL is the largest broadband internet service providing company of Pakistan. PTCL offers a number Internet packages keeping in mind their needs and usage. Users have a broad range of Internet offers from which they can choose the one that best fits their needs. There are some packages which include a USB like Internet device which user plug into their device like laptop or computer and start using the fast Internet. And there are also packages which include a Wi-Fi router which you can get installed by PTCL technical team, at your home or office.

In this digital age, people prefer using a USB like device called EVO. With device like EVO you will never face connectivity problems. You just put the device in your pocket and use fast Internet on the go. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited launched the EVO series keeping in mind the changing lifestyle of different users like students, businessman etc. But in this article, we are talking about logging into PTCL router. When you order your PTCL connection for the first time, a technical team from PTCL visits your location and installs PTCL router. They don’t leave your place until the device starts working perfectly. They also give you the login information of your router. You need to keep your login information safe so that you may use it in future. People face problems when they cannot find their login information and without login information, they just cannot login to their PTCL router. How to view and print PTCL bill online.

How to Login

We are writing this article to help users like you who need to login to PTCL router. Read the following login guide carefully and do as instructed to get the desired results. The instructions are very easy to follow and you can login even if you are not an expert at computer. We have tried to keep things simple so that an average user can also understand without putting any extra effort. Here you go.

  • You will start things by opening an Internet browser.
  • Click in the address bar of the browser and enter the IP address which is or
  • One of the two IP addresses given above will surely work. A popup will ask you for your login information like username and password.
  • enter default username: admin and default password: admin
    Click OK button and you are successfully logged in.

Log in – PTCL

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