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Jazz Balance Share Method 2018 Mobilink Code

Mobilink Jazz balance share code 2018 complete detail and method, step by step procedure, service activation code, postpaid to prepaid and prepaid to prepaid Jazz number.

Mobilink is also known as the trendsetter of Pakistan telecom industry. It has been more than two decades when Mobilink Jazz started operating in Pakistan. It is not like that Mobilink is the first telecom company to operate in Pakistan. But many people think that it was Mobilink which first started operating in Pakistan.

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There were other companies operating in Pakistan before Mobilink but Mobilink is considered the pioneer in telecom industry of Pakistan. And it is not wrong given the contribution of Mobilink to Pakistani telecommunication industry. The new and innovative approach of Mobilink quickly gained the attention of the customers and they started showing interest in buying Mobilink products and services.

Mobilink Jazz Tops

In Pakistan, people know that Mobilink is the best and the largest telecom service provider based on its customers and areas in which it operates. Mobilink has introduced a wide range of services to make the life for its customers simple. Mobilink Share or Jazz Share is also one of those innovative services Mobilink offers to its customers. As the name, Mobilink Share suggests, that it is about sharing something. Basically, using Jazz Share you can share your balance with other Jazz customers. For instance, a friend of yours needs balance to make an urgent call. You can share your balance with him so that he can make the call. Previously, we thought that if we are running out of credit, recharging our Mobilink SIM is the only solution we are left with. But now we have Mobilink Share.

How to Use Mobilink Jazz Share

To share your Jazz balance, just follow the easy method below.

UsageDial *100*<9230XXXXXXXX> *#
After this, confirmation will have to be sent by replying with ‘1’
ChargesRs. 4.77 per share
*Tax inclusive

Using Mobilink Share is very easy. Now you can stay in touch with your friends and family members all the time. If someone close to you is running out of balance, you can share your Mobilink balance with him or her. But make sure that the person you are sharing your Mobilink balance with is also a Mobilink user. Sharing mobile balance was never this easy but we must admit that Mobilink has made it look extremely simple and easy.

And, one more thing, that you can only use this service if you are a prepaid customer. In other words, balance sharing is only possible between two prepaid numbers. Below is the simple procedure of sharing balance with your friends and loved ones.

  • Dial *100*Phone Number*Amount#

For instance, the phone number of your friend is 030012345678 and you want to share Rs. 20 through Mobilink share with him. So you will dial the above code from your phone where Phone Number is your friend’s phone number and the amount is the amount you want to share which in this case is Rs. 20.

So you will dial the following code from your phone to share Rs. 20 with him.


  • After dialing the following, you will also confirm your action by pressing 1.

Remember, you can share from Rs. 15 to Rs. 200 through Mobilink share.

Service charges of Rs. 4.77 are also applicable.

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