Know Jazz Mobile Number

How to Know My Jazz Sim Number Without Balance

Today, I am going to share a guide to learn how to know your Mobilink Jazz mobile sim number with simple code. If you forgot your own Jazz number, then you can easily recall forgotten sim number or mobile number easily and quickly without any charges.

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Jazz is a mobile service provider operating in Pakistan. The company headquartered in Islamabad is being led by Chief Executive Officer Aamir Ibrahim. The slogan of the company is “Tell the world”. The acquisition of WaridTel by Jazz made it the largest company of its kind with more than fifty million users. After the acquisition of WaridTel, the company, which was previously known as Mobilink, is now known as Jazz. It will not be wrong to say that Jazz is Pakistan’s favorite mobile telecom company. Jazz is way ahead of other mobile companies based on the number of subscribers and revenue. Jazz is known as the pioneer in the telecom industry of Pakistan.

How to Know Mobilink Jazz Mobile Sim Number

There are so many things in life to remember and our mobile phone number or contact number is also one of them. We cannot remember everything and there are times when we forget our phone number. There is nothing to worry about. We will tell you a simple way to find your Jazz number. The whole procedure will not take more than a few seconds. You should know that you can know your Jazz number even you don’t have credit or balance on your SIM.

Below is how to do it.

  • Make sure that the Jazz SIM is working properly on your phone.
  • There should be proper signals of the Jazz SIM.
  • The code you are required to dial is *99#
  • You will receive a message containing your mobile number.
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