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Now we will show you how to login to Odyssyware Student. The login portal is very simple to use and understand. Students are just required to login first in order to start their distance learning course. Odyssyware has made it mandatory for every student to login. It is for your own good because in this way you can manage your things easily.

Login Step by Step

  • You need to open Odyssyware Student portal for which you will enter the following link in the address bar of your browser
  • https://wayzatahs.owschools.com/owsoo/login/auth
  • You will see login box on the page containing fields like username and password. Just enter your username and password in the provided spaces.
  • There is also a Term of Use button by clicking which you can read the terms of use. Remember, only authorized users can log into Odyssyware.

Click “Ready Set Learn” button to start your learning.

Odysseyware Student Login

About Odysseyware

Odysseyware is an online distance learning program. Founded in 1977, Odysseyware was the brainchild of a small group of curriculum developers. The founders were in search of a better way to educate students when they came up with the idea of distance learning. Back then they started with original printed work text, and then in 2000s they started delivering recorded CDs. But now thing have completely changed because now Odysseyware has become a well-known name in online education.

Currently, there are more than three hundred courses being offered by Odysseyware which is not less than any great achievement for a small startup. Mathew Given is the president and chief executive officer of Odysseyware. Charles Mallon and Ken Roberts are serving the company as its chief financial officer and vice product technology respectively. If there is anything you need to know about Odysseyware or distance learning, you can contact Odysseyware yourself. Just pick up your phone and dial 877-251-6662 to speak with a live representative of Odysseyware. It will not be wrong to say that Odysseyware has made the life of teachers and students easy. Odysseyware also offers the live chat option which you can use to ask questions you have in your mind.

Odysseyware has been acknowledged globally. There is a long list of awards won by Odysseyware. Some of the popular awards are EdTech Leadership Award, Cool Tool Award, Reader’s Choice Awards, Best Education Software Awards, and Eddie Awards. This tells a lot about the excellence Odysseyware has achieved in the field of education.


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