Magic chocolate mousse


180 gram dark chocolate at 70%

60 grams orange juice

3 eggs

10 grams of water

30 grams of sugar

In the TM bowl, put the chocolate in pieces 10 s/Vit 10 Scrape the sides with the spatula Then 3 mn/50 ° C/Vit 2 Add the orange juice 30 s/Vit 6Puis 1 mn/50 ° C/Vit 2
Reserve the preparation in a large container

Wash, wipe the bowl, insert the whisk Pour water, eggs, sugar
3 mn/70 ° C/Vit 3.5 and another 3min to 3.5 without the temperature Remove the whisk add this mousse to the chocolate mixture Pour in verrines or salad bowl, store for 2 hours in the refrigerator Take out your mousses about ten minutes before to taste them.

 Magic chocolate mousse