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How Can I Check My MDN of EVO Wingle 3G 9.3

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited or shortly PTCL is committed to offering high-quality Internet devices and service in Pakistan. There is no doubt that PTCL is the backbone of the company’s telecommunication infrastructure.

Over the past few years, there are other companies which started offering Internet services such as Telenor, Jazz, and Zong but PTCL is still there like it was before the arrival of its competitors. A few years back PTCL was the only name that would come to mind when we think of telephone and Internet service. But then gradually other players started entering the market which created healthy competition and benefited the customers a lot. Wherever there is a competition, it is the customer who gets the maximum benefit.

PTCL has introduced a number of new devices and services over the past few years such as 3G EVO Wingle 9.3, ChargiEvo Cloud, Broadband 4 Mbps Cloud + 9.3 Wingle, Broadband 8 Mbps + Chargi, Evo Nitro Cloud Share, PTCL V fone, and Smart TV.

How to Know MDN of 3G EVO Wingle 9.1

We know that you are here to know how to check MDN of your 3G EVO Wingle 9.3. We understand that time is very important for you so we will not drag things long. Below we have shown how to check MDN of 3G EVO Wingle 9.1.

  • Find 3G EVO Wingle 9.1 box. It is the box in which the device was packed at the time you bought it from PTCL.
  • Locate MDN number on EVO Wingle Box.
  • You will see that MDN number starts with 92.

Above we have shown you how to find MDN of your 3G EVO Wingle 9.1. Now you know that how simple it was to find the MDN number of your device. Some of you may be wondering why you need the MDN number. Well, there are different occasions where you need to enter your MDN number.

This is why it is important for you to know where to find the MDN number of your 3G EVO Wingle 9.3. You better keep your EVO Wingle box at somewhere safe or just note down the MDN number on a piece of paper to use it whenever needed. When you want to check your EVO Wingle data usage, you are required to enter your MDN number along with password and check code.

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