Telenor Advance Balance Loan

Telenor Advance Balance Loan Package, Procedure & Check Code 2018

Learn how to avail Telenor advance balance, emergency load or loan anytime easily and quickly with step by step guide. This article includes a step by step process along with advance balance code or loan code and guides to learn how to subscribe or unsubscribe to advance load service.

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Telenor Advance Balance Code gives you instant loan. Telenor is one of the major telecom service providers in Pakistan. It offers countless call and SMS packages for its subscribers. Telenor wants to give the best of everything to its customers and perhaps this is the reason it has been so successful in Pakistan as compared to the other telecom companies. If you are a Telenor subscriber, then we must tell you that you are getting the best experience of 2G, 3G and 4G technologies. There are more than 5500 employees in Telenor making it one of the major employers in Pakistan. The number of subscribers keeps growing and currently, there are around 40 million Telenor subscribers in the country.

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Telenor came to Pakistan with big investment plans. According to a careful estimate, the company has invested more than USD 2 billion in the local economy which resulted in the creation of around 3000 direct and over 25,000 indirect jobs. The network of the company extends to more than 200,000 retailers, franchises and sales & service centers. Acquiring Tameer Microfinance Bank and then launching ‘Easypaisa’ was a major success for Telenor.

There are many situations when we need to make a very important call but we run out of credit. Now Telenor has made sure that you don’t stay disconnected to your loved ones just because of running out of credit. Now we will show you how to get Telenor Advance Balance.

How to Get Telenor Advance Balance or Emergency Loan

The answer is simple, dial the Telenor Advance Balance Code. Telenor Advance Balance is also called Emergency Load. Getting a Telenor Advance Balance or Emergency Load is very easy. All you have to do is dial a special code which is *0#. When you dial *0#, you get a loan or Rs. 15. You can use the loan for all prepaid services except Balance Transfer. Remember, djuice and Talkshawk customers can also get the Telenor Advance Balance or Emergency Load. The amount of loan Rs. 15 will be deducted from your account when you recharge next time.

Terms of Usage

  • You can only get a new loan if you have returned the previous loan as well as service charges.
  • Unlike other telecom companies, Telenor does not put the restriction of having a minimum balance to avail this service. You can get the loan if you have already returned the previous loan.
  • Remember, the service charges are Rs. 3 which means you will have to return Rs. 15+3=18.
  • Advance Load Amount is valid for one month or 30 days.
  • You can check the balance of Emergency Load Telenor Advance Balance loan by simply dialing the balance inquiry USSD code *444#.
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