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How to Know My Telenor Sim Mobile Number Using Code

If you forget Telenor sim number then read this guide to know your mobile number easily and quickly by dialing simple code or through SMS code.

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Norwegian Telenor Group started operating in Pakistan in 2004-5. In the beginning, Telenor rolled out its services in major cities like Islamabad, Karachi, Faisalabad, and Lahore. The company did very well and decided to extend its operations to other cities of the country. Today Telenor is available in more than three thousand cities of Pakistan. The company is being led by Irfan Wahab Khan who is the Chief Executive Officer of Telenor. You can visit the official website site of the company at Telenor is proud to be the first 4G technology company of Pakistan.

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How to check Telenor number if u forget

For instance, you have inserted your Telenor SIM into the phone and let’s see what happens next. There is a simple and an easy way to find your Telenor Number. We will tell you about it. There is a Telenor number check code using which you will be able to know your Telenor number.

Below is how to do it.

  • Send an empty message to 7421. Wait for a few seconds and then you will receive a message on your phone number.
  • There is another way by dialing *8888# on your Telenor SIM.
  • The third and final way is by dialing *101# from your Telenor SIM number.

Now you know that how you can know your own Telenor number. This is the best and the most simple way to find your Telenor number. Above we discussed three options but the third one is the best of them. Remember, there is no minimum balance requirement to know your Telenor number. You can also find the Telenor SIM number code. Look at the back of your Telenor SIM where you will find a number starting with 0060. Type the number in the message and send it to 346 and wait until you receive the Telenor SIM number within a few seconds.

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