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Smart Share – Telenor Balance Share & Activation Code 2018

Telenor smart share activation code balance share online activation code new method 2018, from Telenor to Telenor, from Telenor to other network method and step by step procedure.

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Telenor, without any doubt, is the most innovative telecom company operating in Pakistan. The company stepped into Pakistani market almost a decade ago when other companies like Mobilink an Ufone were well established. But Telenor was able to capture a major share of market because of its innovative and creative approach towards everything it did. And still, Telenor is doing the same to maintain its dominance in Pakistani market. It was very hard for Norway based Telenor to make its own impact in the presence of well-established companies like Mobilink and Ufone. But Telenor did and did it very successfully and beautifully.

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Telenor is operating in a number of countries other than Pakistan. So, it used its international experience and expertise in Pakistan which paid off big time. According to a careful estimate, Telenor has invested more than USD 2 billion in Pakistan which opened the doors of employment to thousands of people in Pakistan. With Telenor Smart Share, now you can share your balance with your friends and family members. But keep one thing in mind that the person you want to share your Telenor balance with must be a Telenor user. One more thing, balance sharing is possible between two prepaid customers only. Sharing of balance is not possible between two postpaid users or a postpaid user and prepaid user.

How to Share Telenor Balance

You will first have to activate the Telenor Smart Share on your Telenor prepaid subscription which you can by calling 345 or by visiting any Telenor Sales or Service center. Now we will show you how to share balance from one Telenor phone number to another Telenor phone number. All you need is two Telenor phone numbers. If you and your friend are Telenor customers then it is even better. Telenor Smart Share is a very useful service of Telenor.

The procedure of balance sharing between two Telenor customers is given below.

  • You will be dialing *1*1*923451234567*Amount#

For example, a friend of yours needs Rs. 20 to make some important call and the phone number of your friend is 923451235548. So you will dial the following from your Telenor SIM


  • Next, you and your friend receive a confirmation message on the phone.

Some people have asked how many times they can share balance in a day. Well, Telenor has put a limit on the number of times you can share your Telenor balance with other users. You can share balance only three times a day with other Telenor users. Once you reach your limit, you cannot share any more balance unless it has been twenty-four hours since you first shared your balance.

There are also transaction charges applicable, of Rs. 3.99+tax. Again you can only share your balance with Telenor prepaid numbers.

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