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Ufone 3G Internet Packages, Daily, Weekly Unlimited & Monthly Code

Ufone 3G internet packages unlimited detail, daily, 3 days, hourly, monthly, weekly unlimited, 3G internet activation code 2018 and related information.

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Ufone is currently offering some amazing Internet packages and Ufone customers find these packages affordable. Ufone is owned by Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. Since the privatization of PTCL, Ufone is a part of Etisalat. Ufone has a family of twenty-four million customers. The company is also known for its network coverage. Currently, Ufone is available in more than ten thousand cities and the company is planning to extend its network to smaller cities. These days it is very difficult for the telecom companies to stop customers from moving on to other good options they find.

You may already know that how 3G Internet technology has changed the way we use our phones. Previously, we used phones to make and receive telephone calls but now things have changed a lot. There is no doubt that mobile phones are still being used for staying in touch with your loved ones. But now you can do many things on your smartphone. For instance, you can play games, download new apps from the Play Store or the App Store, listen to your favorite music online and follow your friends and family members on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. But you need a good Internet package to enjoy doing above mentioned things.

The question about Internet package is very tricky because just like other telecom companies Ufone also offers different Internet packages designed to suit the needs of different people. Below, we will tell you about Ufone 3G Mobile Internet Packages.

Currently, Ufone is offering daily, 3-day, weekly, monthly and social data internet packages. We will take a look at these packages one by one.

Ufone Daily 3G Internet Packages

Popular daily 3G Internet packages are given below.

  1. Daily Light Bucket – Price Rs. 10, Volume 40 MB, Timing 24 hours, Activation code *804# and UNSUB to 8804
  2. Daily Heavy Bucket – Price Rs. 15, Volume 75 MB, Validity 24 hours, Subscription code *8042#* and UNSUB to *4804#
  3. Special Daily Bucket – Price Rs. 5, Volume 50 MB, Validity 01 Am – 09 PM, Activation code*810# and UNSUB to 7810
  4. Mega Internet Bucket – Price Rs. 99, Volume 1,024, Timing 1 AM – 6 AM, Subscription Code *550# and to unsubscribe dial *5501#

Ufone Weekly 3G Internet Packages

Looking for weekly 3G Internet packages? The packages are valid for 7 days and after 7 days they will expire automatically. Ufone has not introduced any ‘UnSub’ codes for the weekly packages.

  1. Weekly Light Bucket – Price Rs. 50, Volume 250 MB, Timing 24 hours, Subscription code *7811#
  2. Weekly Heavy Bucket – Price Rs. 125, Volume 500 MB, Timing 24 hours, Activation code *7815#

Ufone Monthly 3G Internet Packages

Ufone monthly 3G Internet packages are very popular among customers. Remember, the following monthly packages will expire automatically after 1 month and you don’t need to use an Unsub code.

  1. Monthy 1 GB Bucket – Price 250, Volume 1024 MB, Validity 24 hours, Subscription Code *7811#
  2. Monthy 3 GB Bucket – Price 500, Volume 3,096 MB, Validity 24 hours, Subscription Code *7815#
  3. Monthy 10 GB Bucket – Price 1000, Volume 10,240 MB, Validity 24 hours, Subscription Code *5100#

Ufone 3 Day 3G Internet Bucket

Some people want only 3-day 3G packages and they don’t want monthly and weekly packages. Below are the details for 3G Internet packages.

  1. 3-Day Bucket – Price Rs. 25, Volume 100 MB, Validity 24 hours, Subscription code *3350*

Ufone Social Data 3G Internet Packages

Have you heard about the Ufone Social Data 3G Internet package? It is another amazing offer by Ufone.

  1. Social Daily Bucket – Price Rs. 5, Validity 1 Day, Subscription Code *4242#, and Unsub to 5444.
    Use free Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter
  2. Social Monthly Bucket – Price Rs. 50, Validity 30 Days, For activation dial *5858#.
    Use free Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter

Terms of Usage (for Ufone Prepaid 3G Internet Packages)

  • Only prepaid customers can avail these buckets.
  • Simply dial *3# to subscribe to buckets.
  • To know the remaining balance of Prepaid 3G buckets and Social Data Buckets, you just need to dial *706# and *707# respectively.
  • You cannot subscribe multiple times to the same bucket.
  • But in case of weekly 3G Bucket, multiple subscriptions are allowed.
  • You can un-sub any time by simply dialing the respective un-sub code.

 Ufone Postpay 3G Internet Packages

Now we will talk about Ufone Postpay 3G Internet packages. Let’s take a look at the popular postpay 3G Internet packages.

  1. Postpaid 1GB – Price Rs. 300, Volume 1024 MB, Validity 30 Days, Subscription key *4547#
  2. Postpaid 3GB – Price Rs. 700, Volume 3072, Validity 30 Days, Subscription key *805#
  3. Postpaid 5GB – Price Rs. 1000, Volume 5120 MB, Validity 30 Days, Subscription key *7550#
  4. Postpaid 10GB – Price Rs. 1200, Volume 10,240, Validity 30 Days, Subscription Code *8550#

Other detail about postpaid packages

  • Remember only postpaid customers can avail the offer
  • Dial *3# to subscribe to the bucket
  • To know the remaining balance of the bucket, you need to dial *4545#
  • No multiple subscriptions of the bucket.
  • You can deactivate 3G on your connection by dialing *7701#

Other Ufone 3G Internet Packages (Postpay)

Ufone also offers below listed 3G Internet packages other than those we discussed above. Currently, Ufone is offering two kinds of Internet packages. Below we have listed the price of each package and the volume you get.

  • 3 Day Hybrid Bundle – Price Rs. 30+tax, Volume 30MB, Validity 3 days, Subscription *5353#
    300 min (U-U/PTCL/Vfone), 300 SMS, 30MBs
  • – Price Rs. 99, Volume 1GB, Validity 1 am to 6 am, Subscription *550#

Ufone Super Internet Package

By now you must have realized that Ufone offers a number of Internet packages. The next Internet package we are going to talk about is Ufone Super Internet package. It offers 1000MB for 7 days for just Rs. 100. According to many, this is one of the most popular Internet package offered by Ufone.

Things You Need to Know about Ufone Mobile Internet Packages

  • No auto-subscription, which means you, will have to resubscribe yourself.
  • You will not be able to avail this bundle if you are already using other Ufone packages.
  • Multiple subscriptions are allowed.

Ufone Mobile Internet Package Inquiry

Send an SMS to 6821 to know the remaining balance of the subscribed bundles. The SMS will cost you Rs. 0.50+Tax. You can also dial *706# and the call will be charged at Rs. 0.20+Tax.

Internet Package Information

You just have to write ‘info’ in the message and send it to 6837.  The SMS will be charge you Rs. 0.50 + Tax.

The purpose of writing this article is to offer you information about Ufone 3G Internet packages. We tried to include everything but if you think otherwise, please let us know in comments.

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