Ufone 3G Packages

Ufone 3G Packages – Prepaid

If you are looking for Ufone 3G tariffs, then you are at right place. We have listed all packages along with charges and incentives.

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There are millions of internet users who are using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Line, and other popular social networks and video sharing site YouTube. Availablity of the affordable internet makes our lives better. We can easily connect with our loved ones anytime and from anywhere without any hesitation.

Ufone 3G Packages (Prepaid)

Here is the list of all Ufone 3G packages from which you can choose as per your budget and requirements.

Daily Buckets

  • Daily Light: Rs. 10,  Volume 40 MB, Subscription code is *2256#
  • Daily Heavy: Rs. 15, Volume 75 MB, Subscription code is *2258#
  • Special Daily 01 AM- 09 PM: Rs. 05, Volume 50 MB, Subscription code is *3461#
  • Mega Internet Bucket 1 AM – 8 AM: Rs. 12, Volume 2048 MB, Subscription code is *550#

3 Day Buckets

  • 3 Day Bucket: Rs. 25, Volume 100 MB, Subscription code is *3350#

Weekly Buckets

  • Super Internet: Rs. 100, Volume 1024 MB, Activation code *220#
  • Weekly Light: Rs. 50, Volume 250 MB, Activation code *7811#
  • Weekly Heavy: Rs. 125, Volume 500 MB, Activation code *7815#

Monthly Buckets

  • Monthly Light: Rs. 250, Volume 1,024 MB, Activation code *7807#
  • Monthly Heavy: Rs. 500, Volume 3,072 MB, Activation code *803#
  • Monthly Max: Rs. 1,000, Volume 10,240 MB, Activation code *5100#

Social Data Buckets

  • Social Daily: Rs. 05, Volume 100 MB, Activation code *4422#
  • Daily Chat: Rs. 05, Volume 10,000 SMS + Unlimited Whatsapp, Subscription code *3465#
  • Social Monthly: Rs. 50, Volume Free Usage on Facebook, Twitter & Whatsapp, Subscription *5858#

Subscribe to your favorite bucket from Ufone 3G packages and enjoy Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Youtube and other social media sites without any fear of data limit.

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