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Ufone Uth Internet Packages

Ufone is a telecom service company operating in Pakistan. The company is headquartered in Islamabad but operates in more than two thousand cities and towns of four provinces of the country. The motto of the company is “It’s all about you.” Abdul Aziz is currently serving the company as its chief executive officer. He is also the longest-serving CEO in the eighteen years’ history of the company. Abdul Aziz took the responsibility in 2007 and since then he has taken countless initiatives which made Ufone the favorite telecom company of Pakistanis. Read also, Ufone customer service number?

Ufone Internet packages are very popular among the users. The best thing about Ufone Internet packages is that they are cheap and you can find an internet package which is not heavy on your packet. Ufone Uth Internet packages are the best for all kinds of your Internet needs. We know that Ufone has always been known for offering affordable call, SMS and internet packages. Now you can experience the fastest 3G internet with your Ufone 3G SIM. If you don’t have 3G SIM then you should get one for yourself now. Insert the new 3G sim card in your phone and start using the best internet packages.

Uth Pack

Uth Pack is a part of Uth Package. There are three types of packages under the head of Uth Pack. Those three packages are My Pack Offer, SMS Bundles, and Mobile Internet Offers. The first, My Pack Offer is for voice calls. Here we will talk about the third package Mobile Internet Offers. There are three types of packages named daily, monthly and super monthly internet packages in Mobile Internet Offers.

If you are a Uth Pack user and you are subscribing Daily Mobile package then you will have an option of subscribing Daily Bundle on Auto re-subscription.

Take a look at the following table to learn more about the Internet packages.

  • Daily Lethal Surfer Price Rs.10, Volume 50MB 24 hours 6850 6851
  • Monthly Pro Surfer Price Rs.150, Volume 1.5GB 30 days 6860 N/A
  • Monthly Heavy Price Rs.500,  Volume 4GB 30 days 6870 N/A

Ufone Uth Packages

Ufone Super Internet Package

There are also other Internet packages which Ufone has to offer to its users and Super Internet Package is also one of them. By subscribing to Ufone Super Internet package, you can get 1000 MB Internet for seven days for just Rs. 100/-. If you are searching for a weekly internet, then Super Internet Package is the best package for you.

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