Warid Advance Balance Loan

Warid Advance Balance / Loan: Code and Procedure

Have you ever run out of balance midway while making an important call? If yes, then you need to know the procedure for availing Warid Advance Balance. Warid has brought a superb initiative for its customers where the customers can ask the company for an immediate advance balance without having to spend any money on spot.

Suppose you were finalizing a business deal with a client or planning next vacations with friends that suddenly the call dropped off because you ran out of balance. You could not immediately recharge balance because there was no shop nearby or simply you did not have enough money in hand.

If you are a Jazz subscriber, then follow this step by step guide to get Jazz Advance Balance easily and quickly.

In such a condition, you can send a message to Warid for an emergency balance recharge. The company, upon receiving that request, would send you a small chunk of balance so that you can fulfill your need at the moment. The company will cut the original advance balance along with some extra service charges the next you will top up your balance. Here is how you can ask for such an advance balance:

How to avail Warid advance balance or loan service?

  • Send your request either by dialing *112# or sending a written message ‘AB’ to 7676 whenever you need advance balance.
  • Similarly, you can unsubscribe or deactivate the service by dialing *112*4# or sending written message ‘UNSUB’ again to 7676.
  • Bear in mind that before requesting advance balance for the second time, you first need to repay previous loan balance.
  • As mentioned above, the company will charge service charges every time you submit such a request.
  • In order to be qualified for Warid Advance Balance Service, your number must be active for past 90 days.

There are two types of advance balance promotions from which you can choose as per your requirement.

Regular Loan

  • You can subscribe this service for Rs. 2.75+tax
  • Upon submission of the request, you will get a balance of Rs. 15/-
  • You can avail regular loan if your balance is less than Rs 15/-
  • You can unsubscribe this service anytime by dialing *112*# or sending a written message of ‘UNSUB’ to 7676.
  • Once subscribed, the service will remain open for next 4 hours during which you can get advance balance at any time.

Super Loan

  • You can subscribe this service for Rs. 5+tax
  • Upon submission of an advance balance request, you will get a balance of Rs 30/-
  • You will not be able to request advance balance again unless you recharge your account for a minimum of 50 rupees or more.
  • Avail this service if your original balance falls below Rs 15/-
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