Warid Balance Transfer

Warid Balance Share 2018 Code & Transfer Method

Learn how to transfer Warid balance from Postpaid to prepaid or prepaid to prepaid numbers easily and quickly with balance share code. You can also check balance share without any cost.

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Warid Telecom started operating in Pakistan around ten years ago. But after the merger of Mobilink and Warid, now Warid Telecom has become Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited. Mobilink and Warid together are serving more than fifty million customers making them the largest telecom service providers operating in Pakistan. Warid and Mobilink now have become one entity and now they are in better position to serve their customers. The two major telecom players have joined forces to make things better for around fifty million customers.

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Customers of both, Warid and Jazz, are also excited to hear the news of the merger because they can see that this merger will be beneficial for them as well. We can expect that both the companies will offer new and innovative products for their customers.

How Warid Balance Transfer Works

Warid allows its customers share their balance with other Warid customers. Warid prepaid customers can share credit with their Warid prepaid friends and family members. It means if you run out of credit, you can request your friends to share their credit with you. You qualify for Warid balance transfer if you have recharged your number at least one time.

Pre to Pre Balance Share

Following is the procedure to transfer Warid balance from your phone to another phone.

Send B<space>number<space>amount to 2424

For instance, you want to send balance of Rs. 25 to your friend and your friend’s phone number is 03211234567.

You will send the following message to 2424 and this SMS will cost you Rs 0.05

B 03211234567 25

You can share balance of up to Rs. 200. Service charges of Rs. 3.99+tax are also applicable.

Pre to Post Balance Share

Sharing Warid balance from prepaid SIM to postpaid SIM is also easy. You need to do the following.

Send B<space>number<space>amount to 2424

If you are sharing balance from your prepaid SIM to a Postpaid SIM then you will go to messages and write the following code and send it to 2424.

B 03211234567 25

You will be charged Rs. 0.05 for the message and the service charges for the transferring the balance are Rs. 3.99+tax.

Post to Post Balance Transfer

Postpaid subscribers will use the following code to share their balance with another postpaid user.

Send B<space>number<space>amount to 2424

Below is the message, which you will send to 2424

B 03211234567 30

Post to Pre Balance Transfer

Sharing balance from Postpaid SIM to prepaid SIM is also very easy. The code is given below

Send B<space>number<space>amount to 2424

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