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Zong Call Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly Unlimited 2018 Prepaid Postpaid Codes

Zong brings exciting call packages for its customers such as hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, unlimited, 2 hours, night package, power pack, prepaid and postpaid packages. In this guide, we will show you all Zong call packages list along with charges and activation or subscription codes.

New Packages

Zong is the third largest mobile telecom operator in Pakistan with more than twenty-five million subscribers. The company is also known as China Mobile Pakistan or CMPak. Zong commenced its operations with a claim that it will offer the best call rates. This is why Zong keeps surprising us with new and attractive call packages. People trust Zong because it has never disappointed them when it comes to economical call packages. Zong is also a pioneer in 4G technology in Pakistan.

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Below we have listed call packages offered by Zong. There are different kinds of call packages such as hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and postpaid call packages. We will take a look at them one by one. We can bet that you will love the Zong call packages as they are way better than those offered by its competitors.

Zong Call Packages

Below is the list of all call packages offered by Zong

Zong Prepaid Hourly & Daily Call Packages

Zong claims to offer the best call packages. You can make as many calls as you want. Further Zong allow you enjoy the fastest data network for any two hours for just Rs. 5+tax.

2 Hours & Daily Call Package

  1. Super Student Bundle: Rs. 5+tax, Volume Unlimited, Mobile Data 30MB, Validity 2 hours, and Activation code *5555#
  2. Daily Shaandar Offer: Rs. 8+tax,  Unlimited+500 SMS, 50MB, Validity 1 day and subscription code *999#
  3. Daily Unlimited Offer:  Rs. 12+tax,  Unlimited+1MB, Validity Midnight same day and subscription code *522#

Most Popular Zong Daily Call Packages

Zong offers some amazing daily call packages for you. These call packages are best of their kind.

  1. Hello: Rs. 8+Tax, 100 on net minutes+100 SMS+50MB for Facebook, Subscription code *2200*1# Unsub to 4952
  2. Flutter: Rs. 8+Tax, 90 on net minutes+100 SMS, Activation code *369# Unsub to 369
  3. Full Gup: Rs. 5+Tax, 75 on net minutes+100 SMS+30MB for WhatsApp, Subscription code118*1# Unsub to 1181
  4. Sixer Plus: Rs. 8+Tax, Unlimited on net minutes+500 SMS, 6pm – 6am, Activation code *666# Unsub to 666111
  5. Non-Stop Offer: Rs. 10+Tax, Unlimited on net minutes – 7 pm to 10 pm, Activation code *777# Unsub to 7141
  6. Perfect Package: Rs. 12+Tax, Unlimited on net minutes+500 SMS+40MB from 7pm – 10pm, Activation code *118*2# Unsub to 7171

Zong Weekly Call Packages Prepaid

Zong offers some amazing weekly call packages. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Shaandar Haftawaar Offer: Rs. 75+tax – 1000 On-net min & 50 off-net, 1000 SMS+350MB, Validity 7 days, For activation dial this code *7#
  2. All-in-1 Weekly: Rs. 95+tax, 500 On-net min & 40 off-net, 500 SMS+500MB, Validity 7 days, For activation dial code *6464# > 4 > 1
  3. Weekly Unlimited Offer: Rs. 63+tax, Unlimited On-net min, 150 SMS/day, Validity 7 days, To Activate this package Send “PK7” to 522


  • You can subscribe to All-in-1 weekly bundle by dialing *6464# and then pressing 4
  • You can subscribe to any of the weekly bundle by dialing *6464# and then pressing 4

Zong Monthly Call Packages

Let’s take a look at the Zong monthly call packages.

  1. Supreme Offer: Rs. 750, 3000 On-net min & 300 off-net, 3000 SMS+3000MB mobile internet, VAlidity 30 days and activation code dial *3030# “unsub 750” to 6464
  2. Monthly Unlimited Offer: Rs. 255+tax, Unlimited On-net min, 500 SMS/day, Validity 30 days, To Activate Send “PK30” to 522 Unsub to 522
  3. Shandaar Mahana Offer: Rs. 300+tax, 1000 On-net min & 100 off-net, 1000 SMS, 1000MB data, Validity 30 days, Activation code *1000#,  and Send “unsub Mahana” to 7091
  4. All-in-1 Monthly 500: Rs. 500 1500 150 off-net, 1500MB, 1500 SMS 30 days *Dial *6464# > 4 > 2 **
  5. All-in-1 Monthly 599: Rs. 599+tax Unlimited 2GB, 500 SMS/day 30 days SMS home1 to 6565
  6. All-in-1 Monthly 799: Rs. 799+tax Unlimited 4GB, 500 SMS/day 30 days SMS home2 to 6565

You can unsubscribe to the Monthly All-in-1 bundle by dialing *6464# and then pressing 4 and then replying with 2 to select the bundle and then pressing 3 in order to unsubscribe.You can subscribe to the All-in-1 monthly bundle by dialing *6464# and then press 4 and then press 2.

Zong Power Pack Sim Call Packages

Now Zong offers Prepaid Call Packages with Power Pack Sim Offer. There are three categories which are Starter, Value, and Gold.

Zong Power Pack Sim Packages
Zong Power Pack Sim Packages

You can subscribe to Power Pack packages by dialing dial *1313#Remember the prices given above are inclusive of Taxes


Zong Postpaid Call Packages

Postpaid customers need to take a look at the following packages.

  1. Z300 Postpaid
    • Line Rent: Rs. 300
    • Free on-net Minutes: 500
    • Free off-net Minutes: 100
    • Free MBs: 1,000
    • Free SMS: 500
    • Minimum Security deposit: Rs. 600
    • Base Taiff:
      • on-net calls: Rs. 1.4 per minute
      • off-net calls: Rs. 1.4 per minute
  2. Z500 Postpaid
    • Line Rent: Rs. 500
    • Free on-net Minutes: 500
    • Free off-net Minutes: 250
    • Free MBs: 1,000
    • Free SMS: 1,000
    • Minimum Security Deposit: Rs. 1,000
    • Base Taiff:
      • on-net calls: Rs. 1.25 per minute
      • off-net calls: Rs. 1.25 per minute
  3. Z900 Postpaid
    • Line Rent: Rs. 900
    • Free on-net Minutes: Unlimited
    • Free off-net Minutes: 500
    • Free MBs: 4,000
    • Free SMS: 2,000
    • Minimum Security Deposit: Rs. 2,000
    • Base Taiff:
      • on-net calls: 0
      • off-net calls: Rs. 1.25 per minute
  4. Z1500 Postpaid
    • Line Rent: Rs. 1,500
    • Free on-net Minutes: Unlimited
    • Free off-net Minutes: 800
    • Free MBs: 8,000
    • Free SMS: 4,000
    • Minimum Security Deposit: Rs. 3,000
    • Base Taiff:
      • on-net calls: 0
      • off-net calls: Rs. 1.2 per minute

In this article, we told you about the Zong Call Packages. We hope that you find this article helpful as we discussed various call packages. How helpful was this article? Your comments matter a lot to us. Please do let us know in the comments section.You need to call 310 for activation and more details. If you want to receive full information about your current free Minutes, SMS and mobile Internet. You need to SMS ‘BL’ to 567. Customers can also choose how they want to receive their bills. Subscribe through email by sending EBSUB your full email address to 3100. You can change your email address anytime by sending SMS ‘EACNew Email Address’ to 3100. Kindly share your views in comments below.

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